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2021-06-17 19:28:44

The fusion of comedy and other cinema genres produces successful and long-lasting outcomes. Nearly any genre of cinema can expand on the definition of a normal comedy and convert it into something more. Romantic comedies, horror comedies, action, drama!nearly any genre of cinema can expand on the definition of a normal comedy and turn it into something more. Though humor is sometimes dismissed as a less prominent genre, its adaptability has earned it Academy Award nominations (and occasionally wins) for films like The Favourite, Lost in Translation, Dr. Strangelove, Fargo, and Pulp Fiction. Crime comedies, such as The Sting, which was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, are among the best!and funniest!of these hybrids.

For this list, Stacker collated information on all feature-length crime comedies to create a Stacker score, which is a weighted index based on IMDb and Metacritic ratings. The picture has to be categorized as ^crime ̄ and ^comedy ̄ on IMDb, have a Metascore, and have at least 5,000 votes to qualify. Metascore was used to break ties, while IMDb votes were used to break even more ties. Look no further than these 25 flicks if you¨re seeking for a thrilling crime thriller with plenty of comedic relief.

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`Chicago¨ is a fictional city in the United States (2002)

Rob Marshall is the director.

Score on the stacker: 90.5

81 on the Metascore scale

User rating on IMDb: 7.2

113-minute runtime

This musical adaptation of the 1975 stage production stars Ren└e Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones as two women both on death row for murder and represented by the same lawyer (Richard Gere), and who will stop at nothing to outdo one another for publicity and celebrity status. The macabre nature of the subject material juxtaposed with the delightful, campy musical numbers fuses together successfully!so much so that it was awarded Best Picture at the 75th Academy Awards.

`Black Cat, White Cat¨ is a song about a black cat and a white cat (1998)

Emir Kusturica is the director.

Score on the stacker: 91.1

73 on the Metascore scale

User rating on IMDb: 8.1

127-minute runtime

A small-time grifter suddenly finds himself in debt, and concocts the idea of forcing his son to marry the sister of the gangster who swindled him out of money!but both object to the arrangement. The Serbian film sees the unwilling couple getting into a number. This is a condensed version of the information.