[Ancestors Legacy]Ancestors Legacy: Vikings, is a new historical RTS, that’s now available for iOS through GameClub
2021-07-14 18:34:57

  Ancestors Legacy: Vikings is the latest historical RTS game for iOS. It is a port of the original PC version by Gameclub. It inspires medieval European history and the story revolves around the conflicts between different nations. The basic concept of the game is to create a powerful strategy and use different tactics to win the wars in order to resolve the conflicts.

  The game contains two campaign modes where the player needs to spend time building an army. To be specific, the player has to create a strategy, collect necessary resources and prepare the army to fight. To successfully win the war, deploy your troops judiciously and keep up the morale of your warriors as the conflicts continue.


  *The above screenshot is from the PC version*

  In addition to that, players can also experience the gameplay in whichever way they want. The game allows switching to the cinematic camera or to a personal camera to enjoy a closer view of the action.

  There’s also an option to select the level of difficulty to get worthy opponents. It also allows customization for audio, graphics, controls and difficulty levels.

  The two campaigns of the game are quite long to keep the player engaged. In the first campaign, the character Ulf Ironbeard travels to Lindisfarne in order to rob the rich people and in the next campaign players help him to take control of Rurik as he aims to conquer Ladoga.

  The mechanics of the game are quite easy to learn and players are advised to start from the easiest level and gradually increase the difficulty level as they master the character and war-winning strategies. Use the terrain, flank your foes, upset their morale etc. are some of the advanced tactics to apply in-game.

  Ancestors Legacy: Vikings is available now on App Store through GameClub, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month.

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