[Valheim]Valheim Builder’s Palace Is a Work Of Art Made With No Cheats Or Tricks
2021-07-19 03:48:29

  Valheim players continue to impress, and one builder’s palace proves that gamers don’t need cheats or console commands to make a work of art.

  By Alden Etra

  Published Jun 07, 2021


  Valheim Builder's Palace Is a Work Of Art Made With No Cheats Or Tricks

  One Valheim builder put in some serious elbow grease to produce a beautiful palace without any cheats or tricks. The work of art is a humungous Viking palace built within a sea of green, showing once again that Valheim has one of the most dedicated communities willing to put in a lot of work to produce incredible builds. Though the game is designed for players to adventure into the monster-filled abyss, gamers have been keen on utilizing the build system to let their dreams come to life in the virtual world.

  The Viking-themed survival game (which is already on track towards 8 million sales by the end of June) has a massive player base, many of whom have worked on some of the most incredible survival builds. The game is heading into Minecraft territory, with players coming up with creative shenanigans and sharing them with the world. Many of those players, however, use mods or building tricks to achieve their grand designs, but one recent build shows that no matter what the challenge, hard work will pay off.

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  Valheim Builder's Palace Is a Work Of Art Made With No Cheats Or Tricks

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  A photo gallery posted by Redditor Requiemourn shows off the incredible palace build in Valheim, which took 750 gameplay hours to achieve. The White Lotus Villa, also known as The Trip Hazard Palace to the player, was built without console commands or game mods.

  The White Lotus Villa built in Valheim with no cheats, tricks, or console commands. Not even tricks!

  The photos show off the size, scale, and detail of the build, a particularly impressive feat given the fact that no tricks were used to simplify the creative process. With intricate outer design and vivid inner details, the palace is certainly a mead hall to remember. Though it isn’t as grand or massive compared to other Valheim builds, it is certainly a rewarding experience to create without the use of cheats or mods, making it easier to produce what is imagined.

  The White Lotus Villa has plenty of interesting pieces on its property, including a small pagoda, a shrine to Odin, and a vaulted terrace. Other notable parts are the sunken seating by the hearth and the circular fence around a garden on the outskirts of the main palace. To clip pieces together or reach high-up places while simultaneously paying attention to detail is no easy feat, but Requiemourn figured out how to dedicate and create in a way that puts many other Valheim builds to shame. The only issue is that this build will cause many Valheim creators to rethink their own builds, spending even more time to get each piece perfectly right.

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  Valheim?is available on PC.



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