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﹛﹛Roblox features a lot of amazing games, some of which revolve around cities and towns. Here are some of the best you can play for free.

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﹛﹛Roblox City Town Games Free

﹛﹛What?Roblox lacks in the graphics department, it more than makes up for with the creativity of its community. The?Roblox engine gives players the ability to create custom game modes, maps, and other playable scenes 每 including Town Management Simulators and City Roleplay worlds 每 and it’s exploded in popularity.

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﹛﹛The most customizable and interactive games in?Roblox tend to be open-world and building-focused. There are all types of City and Town games in?Roblox, from?management?simulators to fighting games?with City backdrops to roleplay servers.


﹛﹛Welcome to Farmtown Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Welcome to Farmtown is a game within?Roblox that includes farming, ranching, mining, cooking, town exploration, and a whole host of other activities to do. If?Roblox has an analog to?Stardew Valley in its library, this?is it.

﹛﹛It has a certain claim to fame, too: it was one of the first?Roblox games to feature a global chat that spanned across all servers currently running the game.

﹛﹛Mad City Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Mad City is a?game that offers players free roam over a city to do as they please. There’s a variety of roles in the game, like being a criminal, superhero, or a police officer, and even a number of special events and activities to do, such as heists.

﹛﹛The game features a relatively open world and boasts one of the highest player counts of any?Roblox game, with more than 1.7 billion visits.


﹛﹛Seaboard City Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Seaboard City RP is a pretty deep roleplay simulation, for a?Roblox game. The game features a city, multiple neighborhoods, a ton of customizable options and a number of different roles to try out in Seaboard City 每 it’s so popular, it’s even got its own line of merch.

﹛﹛The game was recently updated to include a new Tree House home and a new neighborhood, the Hawk Shore Homes, and is still updated on a regular basis.

﹛﹛MeepCity Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛MeepCity is a roleplaying and home-customization?Roblox?game that boasts huge server sizes and countless things to do.?It comes with a number of in-depth editors, including a character editor, multiple home editors, and more.

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﹛﹛The game has over 10 billion visits and regularly tops the charts of?Roblox player counts, and the huge 200 visitors allowed on each server makes for a constantly social experience.


﹛﹛Greenville Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Greenville is?one of the prettier-looking?Roblox games out there. It’s a car building and customizing game that lets players drive around the nearby town and roleplay, and it’s got a lot of customizations to choose from in terms of their vehicle’s appearance.

﹛﹛There are dozens and dozens of cars in the game, a realistic car driving and maintenance system, and various locale to explore in the well-designed?town of Greenville.

﹛﹛Dinosaur City Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Dinosaur City is, essentially, a?Godzilla simulator. Players don’t get to build a town or live in a city, instead, they take the role of a Dinosaur and have to beat?other gigantic foes in a rampaging?city-destroying fight 每 it’s a bit like the city destruction game?Rampage, but instead of destroying the city intentionally it kind of just gets in the way.

﹛﹛The game has a lot of arenas, choices for playable characters, and surprisingly satisfying gameplay 每 it always feels good to crush a city beneath your feet, after all.


﹛﹛City Life Tycoon Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛City Life Tycoon is a build-your-own kind of game that allows small groups of friends to explore a sandbox?Roblox?city. It’s got a pretty large map and drivable cars, as well as countless customization options for the rest of the city.

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﹛﹛The game was last updated at the end of May 2021, and it’s still growing in popularity all the time. One thing to consider, though, is the Max Visitor limit of 6.

﹛﹛PlayVille Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Playville RP is a home management game that takes place in the city of Playville. The city map has a lot of locations, featuring a Pizza parlor, adoption center, pet training and adoption center, gas station, and a number of other landmarks.

﹛﹛The real draw of the game, though, is the family roleplay. The city is fun to explore,?and a Max Visitor limit of 28 means you’ll run into other players pretty often online.


﹛﹛Tiny Town Tycoon Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛Tiny Town Tycoon is a surprisingly complex city management game in?Roblox that puts the player in charge of a town much smaller than they. The game features city simulation goals and income systems, as well as happiness management, life progression, and other in-depth city systems.

﹛﹛The game is meant to be mostly a single-player experience, but up to 6 visitors are allowed on a server at one time, making for a fun time trying to balance a city’s resources with the help of friends.

﹛﹛RoCitizens Cafe Roblox Town City Games

﹛﹛RoCitizens?is a game with few like it in?Roblox. Not only does it have typical City Roleplay systems like jobs, police, income, and home customization, it also has destructible environments and a gigantic explorable world.?It’s one of the oldest City RP games on?Roblox, having first been uploaded in December of 2013.

﹛﹛RoCitizens?has grown significantly over the years, and recently was updated to include a cafe, an overhaul to the crime system, and a number of performance improvements to keep the game going for even longer.

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