sniper elite 4
2021-06-19 20:36:01

Sony¨s latest virtual reality show soon released another set of game trailers for PSVR and other systems. What was shown not only surpassed what was seen before, but also proved that virtual reality is a platform that everyone can access. For those looking for high-octane action, Fracked lets you enter your own action movie while skiing you zoom and shoot level.

On the other hand, Winds & Leaves provides a quieter environment. You will have to plant your own botanical garden to avoid the experience of impending disaster. These two PSVR exclusive games (and all the other games shown during the event) provide a variety of experiences that we absolutely want to try. If you are hesitant to buy a VR headset and not sure if there is a game you would like.

Developed by M Theory and Oddboy, this virtual reality experience will take you through a time journey full of puzzles, trying to rewrite the past and change the current time. It looks like the game will have a certain combination of exploration and storytelling.

Quest will have this feature as an experience to enjoy at home in Sniper Elite VR-fans of the long-running Rebellion franchise will understand what Elite VR awaits. Sniper. Using X-ray cameras to capture very known moments, the studio promised that the game will convey the story of World War II to fans.

Arashi: Castles of Sin is for you if you like ^Soul of Tsushima ̄, this PSVR exclusive game may be for you. In feudal Japan, you will play a ninja who wants revenge. You can use the first person. Perform stealth killings, perform skills in parkour and participate in hand-to-hand combat.

After The Fall: From the creator of Arizona Sunshine, this is another VR shooting game with the zombie apocalypse as the background-great gameplay. Team up with friends to fight the terrifying monsters mutated by the merciless cold that enveloped Los Angeles.

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