[Persona 5 Strikers]Persona 5 Strikers Love Supreme: Here Is Guide For Love Supreme Request
2021-07-31 22:07:50

  Persona 5 Strikers is one of the latest action role-playing game developed by Omega Force and P-Studio and published by Atlus. Between Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors franchise and Atlus’ 2016 role-playing game Persona 5, Strikers serves as a crossover. The story of this game is set six months after the events of the original Persona 5. The initial release date for this game was on the 20th of February 2021 and is available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

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  There are many quests in Persona 5 Strikers and one of them is known as Love Supreme. It is a request that the players can start by talking with Ryuji in North Suzushino on August 11. In this quest, the main motive is to obtain Meal Tickets for the spirited Skull so that he can enjoy some Sapporo ramen. This will also need the players to jump through a small hoop. Follow these steps below to successfully complete the quest:

  After accepting the Love Supreme Request from Ryuji, head over in the southwest direction

  This will be towards the red building that has “Akagire” written on it in white.

  Now talk to a man who is standing in front of that building. (the man who is wearing spectacles)

  This is so that you can receive another Request known as “The Apothecary’s Connection.”

  In this additional side quest, the players will get instructions to battle and defeat Mothman with Sophie and they will need to get inside the Sapporo Jail to finish it.

  Now head to the Arboretum checkpoint in Sapporo Jail and just make sure to have Sophie in your party.

  Drop down to the bottom level.

  One thing to note is that later on during the game, players will have to come here again for a quest known as “Trapped in a Frozen Hell” Request.

  There will be a lot of Mothman since they spawn here a lot.

  Defeat 10 of these enemies and then you will be ready to leave the Jail.

  Go to the Request menu and finish The Apothecary’s Connection.

  Go back to North Suzushino and talk with the same man you met at Akagire

  Purchase two Meal Tickets.

  Now you will be able to complete the Love Supreme Request

  Finally, collect your reward.

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