[samurai shodown]Puzzle & Dragons brings back Samurai Shodown characters and adds new dungeons in latest collab updat
2021-08-06 00:39:16

  Puzzle & Dragons has launched into another exciting collab, this time with Samurai Shodown. The dungeon crawler-slash-monster collecting RPG adds exhilarating collaboration dungeons players can slash their way through during the event, along with legendary warriors from the Samurai Shodown IP joining the fray.

  From now until July 11th, Puzzle & Dragons players can recruit samurais from the collab event such as Hanzo Hattori to add to their team of monsters. You can explore new collab-themed dungeons, fight through hordes of fearsome foes, and collect well-deserved treasure as you slide orbs across the screen with your best strategies.


  For instance, the Samurai Shodown dungeon and the Samurai Shodown Challenge! can reward you with goodies upon clearing them such as the Samurai Shodown Medal-Gold plus a pull from the Samurai Shodown Memorial Egg Machine. You can also try your hand at the six-floor dungeon of Samurai Shodown II, where you can score 100,000,000 coins upon clearing. And if you’re more of a social butterfly, you can engage in thrilling battles in the three-player multiplayer dungeon, Multiplayer! Samurai Shodown.

  The Samurai Shodown Collab features the return of fan-faves such as Ukyo Tachibana, Haohmaru, and Nakoruru, and welcomes new characters Cham Cham, Iroha, Earthquake, and Shizumaru Hisame. Players can acquire these characters from the limited-time Egg Machines throughout the event.

  You can download Puzzle & Dragons on the App Store and on the Google Play Store to give it a shot. GungHo’s unique match-3 hybrid is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. If you want to know more about the latest events, be sure to follow the game’s official Facebook page, or visit the official website for updates.

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