[Rob Garrison Karate Kid]American actress Robert Garrison After the long-term and disease fight, I died 59 years old.
2021-06-25 15:47:58

  September 27th local time,According to foreign media reports,American actor Robert Garrison died,Enjoy 59 years old.Reporting that Robert is due to diseases with kidneys and liver.Dedicated on September 27.He was treated in the hospital for more than a month before dying.At present, his family is preparing for the funeral.


  His family said: “Robert is an interesting person.He likes people who will bring happiness to people.He enjoys life very much.Everyone will miss him.”


  Robert began as a children’s actor at the end of the 1970s.Sitcraft Invasions, “Search and Destroy” have been presented in SEARCHIP INVASIS.The most famous of these is 1984,He is playing a Tommy in the first part of the classic Kung Fu Comedy Series Movie “The Karate Kid).


  After leaving the entertainment circle for many years,This year, Robert also starred in American drama “Cobra Kai” as “Tommy”.The major media learned to mourn after the death of Robert Garrison.Fans also gave a message to their respective: “I am very happy that he can return to the second season of” Cobra “,He is part of my life,Even affected my life,I am very grateful to him.”,”rest in peace!The cobra is immortal.”