[overwatch funko pops]Exclusive ‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror Funko Pops Launch Tonight
2021-08-16 17:30:14


  Earlier today, the first details regarding Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch “Halloween Terror 2018” event were revealed, and now Hot Topic and sister site BoxLunch are chiming in with exclusive Funko Pop figures of Junkrat in his Dr. Junkenstein skin and a super-sized 6-inch Roadhog in his Dr. Junkenstein’s Monster persona!

  If you want to add these exclusive “Junkenstein’s Revenge” figures to your Overwatch Funko Pop collection, here’s what you need to know…


  The Junkrat /Dr. Junkenstein (BoxLunch) and Roadhog / Dr. Junkenstein’s Monster (Hot Topic) Pop figures are expected to launch their respective stores starting today, October 1st. If you can’t get to a store, or the Pops are sold out, we can confirm that both figures will be available to order from the comfort of your home starting “shortly after” 9:30 pm PST / 12:30 am EST tonight.

  At that time, you’ll be able to order the exclusive Junkrat figure right here for $12.90 and the Roadhog figure here for $26.90. Hot Topic and BoxLunch exclusive Pop figure releases have sold out during these overnight releases in the past, so plan accordingly.


  On a related note, Funko and Epic Games officially revealed the Fortnite Pop figure lineup last week, but you don’t have to wait to reserve them or engage in a Battle Royale with other fans trying to hunt them down in stores. Pre-orders are live right here and individually via the links below with shipping slated for December.

  ? Fortnite Tower Recon Specialist Pop! Vinyl Figure #439

  ? Fortnite Highrise Assault Trooper Pop! Vinyl Figure #431

  ? Fortnite Black Knight Pop! Vinyl Figure #426

  ? Fortnite Moonwalker Pop! Vinyl Figure #434

  ? Fortnite Skull Trooper Pop! Vinyl Figure #438

  ? Fortnite Love Ranger Pop! Vinyl Figure #432

  ? Fortnite Merry Marauder Pop! Vinyl Figure #433

  ? Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Pop! Vinyl Figure #430

  ? Fortnite Omega Pop! Vinyl Figure #435

  ? Fortnite Brite Bomber Pop! Vinyl Figure #427

  ? Fortnite Raptor Pop! Vinyl Figure #436

  ? Fortnite Love Ranger Pocket Pop! Key Chain

  ? Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Pocket Pop! Key Chain


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