[Scott Pilgrim 2]North America’s largest private castle,Many movies are viewing views,Hidden a legendary love story
2021-06-25 15:58:42

  On the hills of the Ostead, the city of Toronto,Elegant and magnificent castle – Casa Rome Casa Loma,This castle has been the largest private home in North America.Naturally listed as famous buildings and tourist attractions in Toronto.

  I originally interested in this attraction,It is really nothing to see if there is only a hundred-year-old buildings built in an exploitation of European castle.However, I have to know the wonderful.Although this small castle is unable to compete with the magnificent spectacular in Europe.Since there is a very exciting.


  The owner of this castle is the privacy of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, which is the first of Canada’s 20th century.He became an active financial person’s story from a stock agent.He has accumulated a large amount of wealth from the investment of land, railways, life insurance and hydropower.Even the power plants of Niagara Falls are built by him.It can be seen that the financial resources in its heyday.

  The branky romantic Pavher is a female Mary’s inconvenience.Unable to admire the essence of European architecture,Please plan the best designer,Use the best building materials,Repair a European classical castle style house,With this as a gift for love wife.In 1911,Overlooking the top of Toronto,Sir Henry’s dream is officially started,300 workers,Taining three years,Consumption of 5 million yuan,The earliest and most brilliant private houses were also built in this Canadian history.The castle is named Casa Loma,It means “the house on the hillside”.


  This castle is undoubtedly beautiful and amazing,It has both simple and beautiful beauty.There is no false fantasy dream.Bronze door, beautiful city, towering tower,Delicate the constructive concept of architects everywhere.The main body is the three-story imitation medieval castle,The main building is up to 60 feet,It is the focus of the whole castle.There are 98 rooms in the castle.A elevator,Nine phone,A big enough to roast the oven of a cow,The vertical passage of two storms.The main building connects through the 800 feet of tunnels with luxurious stables.Surrounded by the castle.5 acres of gardens.Whenever the sun is high,Under the flowers of flowers,The momentum of this castle is even more shocking.


  The internal design of the castle is even more gorgeous.The decoration of a layer of art exhibition corridor is completely equiting the well-being of the British Windsor Castle.To pursue English-style romance,Therefore, it is known as the peacock alley; marble materials in the greenhouse flowerbed are from Italy.There is also a very rare steam water pipe at the time of the flower.To keep indoor temperature; in order to renovate the entire castle, the oak room,Sir Henry even used the exhibits of the Marseille Art Museum as an oak panel; the branch of the second floor is the meeting room for the British royal family.Neoclassical plaster decoration and pale yellow walls indoors,Reflecting the decorative style of the 18th century Scottish architect Robert Adam,One of the rooms are designed in Chinese style,To place the favorite oriental antique . Every room in the castle is a famous artwork of the famous furniture purchased from all over the world.This mansion that combines European architectural style such as Romanestriction, Gothic, Normandy.Like the museum,A beautiful,Extremely luxurious.The most movement is,The room area of the jazz and the luxury furniture are far super jazz.It can be seen that this pair of husband and wife is deep.


  However, how many wealth is like floating clouds,When the benefits of jazz and his beautiful wife have enjoyed the luxury life of more than ten years in the castle,With the outbreak of the battle,The economic empire of Henry Sir Henry instantly caught the collapse of the collapse.I have to leave the Casa Loma you have to create with my heart in 1924.His lady can’t accept reality,One year later died in a 5 bedroom apartment.After that, Sir Henry tried to change Casa Loma into a hotel, a ballroom,But finally failed.finally,After seventy years old, Sir Henry was died in a small apartment.There is only poor $ 185 cash and $ 6,000 debts.


  Today’s Casa Loma is a Toronto Municipal Government.And appointed a special management company responsible for operations,It has been early, not.

  Due to the unique characteristics of the building,Here be a lot of movies,In the corridor next to the underground wine cellar,Posted many posters that have been movie in this view.Caracious, I just finished the “X-war” on the plane.Standing on the second floor of the corridor seems to be in X College,Sure enough, the “X-Men” is shooting here.Other such as “Chicago”, “Strange Brew”, “Tuxedo”, “Tuxi”, “Schktt Scott” (Scott Pilgrim vs) The World), “Warehouse 13),” The Pacifier “, etc. will be used as an outside world,Popular movies “Harry Porter and the Deathly Hallows also temporarily as a magic school Hogwarts; and in CBC and other television programs, this costume is also used asBackground ground.From this point,It is an attractive building in Casa Rome.


  And I have to admire the current Corburger’s real super “play”.Every festival can bring surprises!Halloween dressed up the entire castle to be a ghost house, no exhaustion,This year’s theme “Christmas Christmas” has brought a superfuckle Christmas Castle.Every corner of the castle is full of Christmas,Each room has customized Christmas tree according to its style.The most sighted as Christmas tree in Chinese style rooms,”Koi on the tree” but no sense,It is more than 100 times far from Chinese wind than some big-name hard convex.


  In addition to the dream of Christmas decoration,There is also a series of fun Christmas show to create this castle into a large Christmas theme park.There is a radiant dance in the hall, and the long underground ramp is looking for Santa Claus.Feast, the fire in the garden in the back of the courtyard is attracted by the onlookers .


  Casa Rome during the day is an castle,At night, on the light of the light, Casa Rome is more beautiful!Strolling in the garden in dazzling lights,This romantic winter night will not make people feel cold ~



  Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1×8

  Transportation: Metro Dupont Station to move,Take the 2 streets in the north

  Time: 9: 30-17: 00 (last admission time 16:00)

  Tickets: Adult 25 Canada; 60 years old, 14-17 years old teenagers 20 Canadian dollars; 4-13 years old children 15 Canada

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