[real cash casino]How has online casino grown to what it is today?
2021-08-22 04:23:29

  The modern world has a whole range of online games to choose from, from classics like Roulette and Poker, to new and innovative Slots and Slingo.

  Online casinos have rocketed gaming and gambling into the present day, allowing gamers to play their favourites anywhere and anytime.

  If you open your browser and click to play online casino games on Paddy Power for example, you’ll be presented with the latest in casino technology, as well as the newest and greatest games! But how did casino sites get to be so advanced to what they are today? Read on as we delve into the evolution of online casinos.


  The world of online casino was born in the mid ‘90s, thanks to the development in digital software. However, the first online casino was far simpler than the sites we know and love today, and only offered a few games.

  The origin of the first online casino is somewhat debatable, and is more of a combination of two major players in the gaming industry. The specific software that enabled it to happen was developed in 1994 by the company Microgaming, based in the Isle of Man. Then closely following in 1996, InterCasino, initially launched in Antigua, established a way for players to bet with real cash.

  In the early stages, there were only 15 sites that you could access to play casino games, but as we entered the 21st century, the industry boomed and over 200 casino sites were then available, offering something new for gaming fans.


  Nowadays, players can experience expertly designed casino sites, and the latest games with advance technology. In fact, there almost 10 million people in the UK that like to dabble in casino gaming, and the industry in the UK alone is valued at £14.3 billion.

  The games you can find online can be separated into three categories depending on the software involved:

  Downloadable software

  This is mostly used when accessing an online casino on a laptop or PC, and mainly for playing Poker. As the player, you need to download the software from the casino site, login and choose your gaming option, to get started.

  Mobile apps

  More and more online casinos are now offering the chance to play on multiple devices, and have developed their own apps for easy accessibility. The software included means that all the features are mobile-friendly, and the apps can be downloaded on your device straight from the relevant app market.


  Instant play software

  This is the most common technology that online casino use, and can be mainly found when playing Slots. It enables players to enjoy the casino’s games without downloading anything onto their device, but straight from their browsers instead.

  When playing online, you can expect amazing graphics and cool animations to enhance your gameplay. But not only this, you can guarantee that each and every game is 100% fair and transparent. This is due to the development of random number generator (RNG) software. With the inclusion of RNGs, which works with complex number sequences, you’ll find that each game you play online will have a completely random outcome, relying on an element of luck, just like in a land-based casino.

  It’s thanks to the continuous development in technology, the immersive experiences and the entertainment factor, that counts towards the rise in popularity that online casinos have seen.


  As the online casino industry grows and grows, who knows what the future may hold? With the evolution of Live Casino, we may see games becoming more and more immersive. It will come as no surprise to see virtual reality (VR) casinos coming onto the scene, where players can put on a VR headset and walk through the doors of a fully-fledged digital casino.