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  All Persona Games In Chronological Order

  By Joseph Metz Jr.

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  The Persona games have a lot in common, but there is a chronology to them. Here are all the Persona games in order.

  Official artwork for Persona 1 (top left), 2 (bottom left), 3 (top right), 4 Golden (bottom right) and 5 (middle)

  The Persona series of RPGs has been going strong for over twenty years now with six main entries and a few spinoffs, as well. The series has given players a variety of different characters to know from Persona 4’s Investigation Team to Persona 5’s Phantom Thieves.

  RELATED: Persona: Times Something From A Past Game Was ReferencedEach of the games are in the same universe as each other and each new entry is a follow up of sorts despite featuring a new cast of characters with each new entry. There is a certain order to the games where even some of the spinoffs are considered canon, too.


  The cast of Revelations Persona on the cover of the PSP version of the game

  The game that started it all. Revelations Persona, a.k.a. Persona 1, is set in the year 1996 and follows The Boy With Earring and their classmates. They meet the being known as Philemon who grants them the ability to summon Personas after they partake in the Persona ritual game. Demons soon begin to stalk their hometown as they now have to use their personas to stop them.

  There are two story paths the player can find themselves in. The first finds the group going up against the Saeki Electronics & Bilogical & Energy Corporation (SEBEC). They created technology capable of warping reality and are the reason for the demons showing up. A being named Pandora tried to use this to end the world but is thwarted by the player and their friends.

  The second route is the Snow Queen Quest. It involves a mask that makes its wearer becomes possessed by the Night Queen Asura who is the cause of the problems in the game. Much like the first route, the player is eventually successful in stopping Asura and saves their town and the world, as well.

  Tatsuya (left) and Maya Amano on the cover of Persona 2: Innocent Sin

  Persona 2 was split into a duology with Persona 2: Innocent Sin serving as part 1 and Eternal Punishment serving as part 2. Both games are set in 1999, three years after the first game, and follow the same general cast of characters in the fictional Sumaru City.

  Innocent Sin follows high schooler Tatsuya Suou as his group of friends investigate rumors all of a sudden coming true with the culprit being known as the Joker (not that one or the Persona 5 one). These occurrences are eventually linked to the villainous Nyarlathotep who is trying to fulfill a prophecy to end the world. This is an RPG where the villain actually wins as he is able to manipulate Maya Okamura into killing Maya Amano with the spear of destiny which fulfills the prophecy and ends the world. A new timeline is created by Philemon that prevents it from happening at the cost of the party never knowing each other.

  Eternal Punishment is set in this new timeline and stars Maya Amano this time around as she investigates the Joker phenomenon. The culprit is eventually revealed to be Tatsuzoue, Tatsuya’s father, who then reveals that Tatsuya never forgot the previous timeline as he was supposed to which creates the opportunity for Nyarlathotep to succeed again. The party eventually defeats Nyarlothotep for good and the current timeline in which all future Persona games are set in, is safe.


  Persona 3 artwork of Minato (bottom) summoning the persona Thanatos

  Persona 3 is set a decade later in 2009 and follows Minato Arisato and the Shadow Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) as they investigate the Dark Hour, an hour set in between 12 a.m. midnight and 12:01 a.m. that only a select few experience that has demon-like shadows stalk around. Their investigation eventually leads to them discovering that an event known as The Fall is coming that will end the world.

  A classmate of SEES, Ryoji, is then shown to be the harbinger of Nyx who will cause the fall. The group defeats Nyx at the cost of his life in order to seal away Nyx for good on March 31st of the following year.

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  The Answer is the epilogue to the journey exclusive to the FES version of the game and stars the android Aigis. The party is trapped in a time loop on March 31st in which Nyx makes one last attempt at being freed by manipulating them into thinking there’s a way to save Minato. This divides the party and Aigis is forced to fight her friends. The party eventually realizes what Minato has chosen to do, they respect his actions and both the time loop and Nyx are stopped for good.

  Persona 4 Golden's Investigation Team in official artwork

  Set in 2011, Persona 4 follows the exploits of Yu Narukami as he lives with his police detective uncle and little cousin, Nanako, in the quiet town of Inaba. He eventually discovers that a series of bizarre murders have been occurring underneath a dense fog that sweeps the town on rainy days. It is eventually revealed that the victims are killed in the mysterious Midnight Channel that can be accessed on certain TVs.

  He ends up forming the Investigation Team to solve the crimes as he eventually recruits the killer’s targets.

  Nanako is eventually targeted and thrown into the tv world which nearly kills her. The kidnapper is revealed to be a man name Namatame who is the one throwing people into the tv world but not to kill them but instead protect them from the real killer, who turns out to be the partner of Yu’s uncle Adachi.

  The group eventually defeats Adachi who is arrested but the events are soon shown to be the result of the deity Izanami who wants to use Inaba’s fog to turn its inhabitants into shadows. She is defeated in the base game, but in Golden, she manages to survive thanks to someone named Marie, a Velvet Room attendee, being part of her and absorbing her. The team is finally able to defeat Izanami for good and free Marie from its influence.


  Persona 4: Arena Ultimax artwork featuring (from left to right) Sho, Mitsuro, Yu and Aigis

  The fighting game spinoff is set in May of 2012 when Yu returns to Inaba for Golden Week. The midnight channel though starts up again and as the team investigates the TV world, become separated and are forced to compete in a fighting tournament. At the same time, Mitsuro Kirijo of SEES with Aigis go to the tv world, as well, to track down an android known as Labrys where the two groups meet up and discover the tournament takes place in Labrys’s dungeon which the tv world created.

  Labrys is eventually stopped and is redeemed when she joins SEES and the two groups leave. Arena Ultimax occurs the next day where Inaba is now covered in a red fog and is seemingly experiencing the Dark Hour.

  It is eventually revealed that a boy named Sho Minazuki is the one responsible who is trying to summon the entity Hinokagutsuchi and destroy the world. Other members of SEES join the fray with the Investigation Team after Mitsuro and several others are kidnapped by Sho who has also freed Adachi. Sho is eventually defeated and the world is saved.

  Persona 5 official artwork of the Phantom Thieves running into action

  Persona 5 is set in the latter half of the 2010s as it follows Ren Amamiya, a.k.a. Joker of the Phantom Thieves, as he works with like-minded individuals by taking the hearts of corrupt adults in the mysterious metaverse that is accessed on their phones. He is pegged as a criminal after being framed for a crime he did not commit by Masayoshi Shido, a Japanese diet member trying to become prime minister.

  The Phantom Thieves unknowingly take down a criminal organization connected to Shido as he is also revealed to be the mastermind behind mental shutdowns that occur throughout the game. They eventually stop Shido but it is revealed that all of this was actually the result of the god Yaldabaoth, who has been impersonating Igor of the Velvet Room during the entire game.

  Yaldabaoth tries to merge the metaverse and the real world into one on Christmas Eve but is ultimately defeated by the Phantom Thieves. Immediately afterward, Joker turns himself in as a witness to Shido’s crimes in order to protect his friends and confidants which also eventually sees his name cleared of the assault record.

  The Royal introduces two new characters, a student named Kasumi and a quirky guidance counselor named Maruki. Should Maruki’s confidant be maxed out before November 18th in the game, he awakens to his persona and tries to create a new reality starting on New Year’s Day. Kasumi is also revealed to actually be named Sumire who tried to become her sister Kasumi after blaming herself for the latter’s death a year earlier. She joins the Phantom Thieves who then proceed to defeat Maruki and restore the true reality.


  Cover art of Persona 5: Strikers featuring the Phantom Thieves, new character Shophia and Joker's persona Arsene.

  The most recent game is set the summer after Persona 5, but not the Royal as there are no mentions of either Sumire or Maruki. Joker returns to Tokyo to spend the summer with his old friends until they are eventually forced on a road trip across Japan as the metaverse returns through the app known as EMMA.

  They encounter an AI named Sophia along the way who ends up joining the group and the detective Zenkichi who initially works with them temporarily but eventually stops them. EMMA was created by Ichinose who tries to stop the Phantom Thieves from stopping EMMA, now going by the name Demiurge, in its attempt to remove humanity of all their desires. She eventually changes her ways to help them defeat EMMA for good.

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