[Castle of Illusion]Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – review
2021-09-08 19:59:13

  On its debut in 1990, the original Castle of Illusion proved that Mickey Mouse could make it as at least a competent host of a platform game, offering up an adventure that was well received at the time and that would become an object of much nostalgic affection.

  A widespread fondness that has prompted this reboot from Sega. The good news is that the new Castle of Illusion is a solid platforming game that ably treads the fine line between reworking of, and respect for, the source material. Set in the eerie realm of spells in which Mickey often finds himself, the remake is eye-catching and imaginative, but it lacks the sheer quality of, for example, Rayman Legends and is also slightly let down by loose controls and a certain lack of physicality in his 2D kingdom.

  Nonetheless Castle of Illusion is a commendable game, with enough good?ideas to make it a fine alternative to more costly options.