[Disjunction in Discrete Mathematics]MAC, Stanford, Berkeley,Who is the manual intelligence professional?
2021-06-27 19:55:16

  Artificial Intelligence (AI Industry) is generally believed to be one of the top ten industries in the most popular in the future.So many students consult any of the artificial intelligence majors in the United States?I didn’t think about international education today.

  If you check the latest QS world university discipline,In the field of engineering technology, in TOP10,There is absolutely named MIT, Stanford and California Berkeley.In the United States,These three schools have absolute superb positions in artificial intelligence.

  I. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  Mit in Cambridge City, Massachusetts,In terms of various cutting-edge technology research,Extremely none in a global scale.There is a world-class computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory inside the school.among them,The prestigious robot “Boston Power” predecessor laboratory was established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  This college also walked out of many of the big coffee in artificial intelligence.Inc.Helen Grem, one of the founders of Irobot,There is also the father of the robot Colin Angel, etc.As of April 2016,Massachusetts science workers cultivated 19 maps and winners,The world third,Second only to the University of Berkeley and Stanford University.

  l US studying direction Massachusetts engineering computer professional research direction:

  Articial Intelligence

  Bioelectrical Engineering

  Circuit Design


  Computational Biology

  Computer graphics

  Computer Networks COMPUTER NETWORKS

  Computer Systems and Architecture Devices and Materials

  ElectromagneTic Energy,FIELDS AND Leaders for Manufacturing Program Signal Processing

  SYSTEMS,Decision and Control

  TheoreTical Computer Science, THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE

  Second, Stanford University

  Stanford University is in the United States and even the world in various fields such as computer theory, hardware, software, database and artificial intelligence.As early as 1962,The university has established an artificial intelligence laboratory.And have been deep tillage in robot education.And in 1959 earlier,Stanford University has already symbolic rent,Rent the 1000 acres of land under the name to establish a company in business or graduation alumni.After decades of development,Here has become a cradle of American high-tech talents.

  Many tech companies are archprints,Stanford University has become the center of world science and technology innovation.Here, there are founders including HP, Google, Yahoo, Nike, Logitech, Snapchat, American Yiguo, Sun Microsystem, NVIDIA, Cisco, and LinkedIn.

  L Stanford University Computer Department Introduction

  Stanford University Computer Department was founded in 1965,Established under the engineering college,The computer system of the three universities of the University of California, the University of California, the University of California.In U.S.News2020 Best Research Based on the Based OutletThese four universities have been fully scored.

  l Computer science professional graduate must repair lessons

  For graduate students,In addition to a variety of elective courses,Students must complete these compulsory classes to complete graduation:

  1, mathematical calculation basis (CS 103)

  2, probability theory (CS 109, STAT 116, CME 106)

  3, algorithm theory (CS 161)

  4, computer composition and system (CS 107)

  5, computer system principles (CS 110)

  Third, California University Berkeley

  Berkeley has a lofty academic reputation worldwide.In more than 100 sub-disciplines they have,There are many world-class academic masters.Nobel Award winner in Berkeley, no less than 69 (the number of Nurases, the world six),And ranked first in the world with the number of 22 Tu Ling Prize winners,The 7 pilz prize (the Nobel Awards of the Mathematical Community) and the University of Princeton paused.

  The school’s robot and intelligent machine laboratory,Committed to replicating animals with robots.The school’s automation science and engineering laboratory is engaged in a broader robot function.Such as robotic auxiliary surgery and automation.There is also a computer visualization team.Students can learn how to help robots can “see see”.

  L Berkeley University Computer Curriculum System

  The program system of the UCB CS professional class is divided into two kinds of Lower Division and Upper Division.Lower Division: As long as it is CS professional, it is required to learn.It is the foundation and core,Including six lessons:

  ü Math La (Calculus i) calculus i

  ü Math IB (Calculus II) Points II

  ü CS 61a (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Program) SICP),CS first class,Significant CS Foundation and Core Concept (Variable, Control flow, Loop, Recursion, etc.)Use the Python language.

  ü cs 61b / bl (Data Structures),CS second lesson,Tell data structure (Arrays, Linked List, Tree, Hash, STACK, Queue, etc.) and some algorithms (BFS, DFS, Dijkstra, A *, etc.),Use Java language.

  ü CS 61C (Machine Structures),CS third course,Speaking of the principles of the computer underlying.Use C and MIPs.

  ü CS 70 (Discrete Mathematics and Probability THEORY),CS The only theoretical lesson,Speaking of discrete mathematics (Proofs, Induction, Stable Marriage, etc.) and probability.

  Upper Division: Professional elective class can be divided into 4 directions,Including software,hardware,theory,And applications.

  ,Graduate for a certain credit.