[Hitman 3 new]mysterious Chinese buyers in Belgium,Take the championship pigeon with a record of 1.6 million euros
2021-06-28 01:05:02

  According to the “Daily Mail” reported November 15th,Last Sunday (November 15),A mysterious Chinese buyer at an online auction in Belgian Paradise Auction (PIPA)Take a racing pigeon with a record of 1.6 million euros (about RMB 12.48 million).


  This racing pigeon name is New Kim.Already 3 years old,Is a pore.In the last half an hour of crazy auction,Two Chinese buyers use “Super Duper” and “Hitman”.Push new gold to the high price.

  It is reported that,Gaston and Kurt Father are training new gold in the world-class attic in Antwerp.The father and son have 445 racing pigeons.Taughter all of them on Sunday,The total transaction price is close to 5 million euros.


  PIPA Chairman Gisserbrht said: “I think the pigeon is a world record.But according to official records,I have never racing pigeons can shoot such a high price.I don’t think we can reach this level.”

  2018,In the game held in Argentina, Chatrilu, Cruur,New gold has won the “French Medium Long Route Ace Pigeon”.In recent years,The top racing pigeon has won the global reputation.Especially in China,The pigeon can get a huge bonus.


  Buyers from the bay and Asia raise the price of the champion pigeons,Because they are born with hundreds of miles and find the skills of going home.Pigeon roots in Belgium and the Netherlands,This tradition also spreads into northern France.Gisseb Rechit said,Only Belgium has 20,000 feeding pigeons to participate in large competitions.

  Belgian people have always been the best breeding home,This is not only because of their experiences in generations.Also because of their reproductive network density.Pascar Boden Jean, the head of the Belgian Pigeon Federation, said to the Associated Press: “Many people are interested in our pigeons.To cultivate the best,Then it must be your life.For some people,It may look very boring.day to day.Winter and summer,Always those pigeons.”