[Hitman Google Stadia]3A game dreams,Google will close Stadia’s first studio
2021-06-28 01:21:10

  Google changes the strategy for Cloud Tour Services Stadia.Developed by the original self-opening studio to develop exclusive games,Turn this service as a stream platform for existing games.and so,The company announced thatThe first party Stadia game studio will be closed.

  ”It takes a lot of time to build a first-class game from the beginning to build a lot of time and carry out large-scale investment.And the cost is growing.”Google Vice President and Stadia General Manager Phil Harrison wrote in the blog.”Given our focus on using Stadia’s maturity technology and deepening our business partnership,We have decided,In addition to any recent planned games,We will not further invest in the development of the internal development team of exclusive content. SG & E.

  Google will turn off its game studio in Los Angeles and Montreal.The company said: “Most SG & E” team members will serve as new positions. “The leadership Stasta Studio team’s Biba and EA Senior people Jade Raymond will leave the company.

  Stadia service will continue to operate,However, the STADIA internal studio closed,Obviously means that Google’s game ambition has been severely hit.The company initially hoped to build a Stadia platform alone,To attract more users.on the other hand,Google does not develop exclusive games,The game played by the majority of players on the Stadia platform is not from PS5, Xbox Series X / S or PC platform.They don’t have to pay another money for exclusive games (this is of course a bad thing for Google).

  Google: There are about 400 Stadia games in development

  Google new Stadia game studio,Leading by the head of the former Santa Monica studio

  Google will set up multiple exclusive game studios for Cloud Play Services Stadia