[Hitman 3 XBox One S]Xbox Series X | s Xbox One 21 May system update push
2021-06-28 01:25:33

  Microsoft is officially released to all Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One users have been updated in May 21,This update includes rapid recovery function optimization,Audio-based APP audio direct output function,New dynamic backgrounds and other functions and optimizations.After updating Xbox Series X | S, Xbox ONE operating system version: OS Version: 10.0.19041.7771 (XB_FLT_2105VB.210506-2030).

  This system update is specified as follows:

  1.Fast recovery function optimization

  Quick Recovery is a new feature provided by Xbox Velocity architecture technology from Xbox Series X | S.This feature allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple games,And immediately restore the game immediately from the last interrupted location.

  This update will enhance the stability of the fast recovery function.And shorten the load time that the game starts again.Add a new “Quick Resume” tab to support fast recovery capabilities.All games currently saved in Quick Recovery Automatic group to centrally manage and start the game.The “Quick Recovery” game group can also be added to the home page and custom management.


  2.Audio APP audio direct output function

  For Xbox streaming video and audio applications (such as Disney +,Apple TV,Plex,New audio direct output function such as VUDU).Enable direct function,Can not be processed by the host,Decoding audio and video applications directly through peripherals,To obtain the highest quality listening experience.


  3.Xbox Game Pass page game promotional video is more convenient.

  4.Add 2 dynamic backgrounds for Xbox Series X | S,It is “dust” and the original XBOX “original”, respectively.You can find a new dynamic background in “Settings> General”> Personalization> “My Background”> Dynamic Background.


  5.Multi-person game license license is permitted by host or mobile Xbox Family Settings APP.

  6.iOS Android Mobile Xbox APP updates in May 21,Specific Description and APK Download Address: Click to enter.(Please click to read the original jump)

  7.The PC version Xbox One Smartglass App will be offline in June.