[hyper scape account]How To Get Hyper Scape Drops For Gaining Access To Technical Test?
2021-07-08 11:59:59

  Ubisoft’s latest urban first-person shooter battle royale Hyper Scape is finally out after all the hype and anticipation. The FPS was first leaked by esports insiders, and now hundreds of streamers and influencers from the gaming community have been invited to check out Hyper Scape and will also be seen going live with early access streams.

  Unfortunately, the Hyper Scape is not open to the public right now. Instead, the video game company has decided to go the Riot Games route (similar to the Valorant beta release) by using Twitch Drops. The technical test is set to run through July 7, 11:59 AM PT.

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  As of right now, the only known way that you can get a chance to be part of the limited-time technical test before the FPS game finally goes live is by obtaining a Twitch drops code for the title. All you need to do is go to the official Twitch page of Hyper Scape and watch the Twitch streamers who have been granted early access to see if you can obtain a code while they play the interactive battle royale.

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  The live stream will also allow people to see if the gameplay actually excites them. You can access The Hyper Scape Twitch page at the link here which is currently live with more than 60,000 viewers and features a bunch of streamers with their own channels.

  This is where the streamers will be giving out codes to those who watch their stream. And while you can choose to watch a game stream from any of the streamers that are available on the page, you should know that you will only be able to earn drops by viewing one stream at a time.

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  Users will also need to make sure that they have their Twitch account linked with Uplay, as Hyper Scape is from Ubisoft. For those who don’t have a Uplay account, you can easily create one from the official website of Ubisoft here. Once you have an account created, head over to the account management tab where you can connect your Twitch account. Next, you need to return to The Hyper Scape Twitch page and pick any of the available streamers to watch for a chance to land a code.

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  Image credits: Hyper Scape