[Dead Space]A new Dead Space game is probably, maybe in development
2021-07-08 14:05:47

  EA’s Motive Studios is working on a project based on “an established IP”, with an announcement expected at the publisher’s Play event next month. What is it? That depends who you ask.

  For now, obviously, EA and Motive Studios aren’t talking. But multiple games media channels – including VentureBeat, Eurogamer, and Gematsu – are claiming it’s Dead Space.

  VentureBeat’s GamesBeat department editor Jeff Grubb was first. In a video podcast back in March, Grubb revealed that “an established IP” reboot is in development at Motive Studios in Montreal. Okay, but that’s not much to go on. In a more recent video podcast just this week, though, he teased that “we’re going to see it… if we’re not dead first”. Not exactly subtle.

  Now, citing Grubb and other, undisclosed sources, Eurogamer and Gematsu have more or less confirmed the same news.

  Gematsu has also separately heard that a Dead Space revival is in the works at Motive, which is said to be a reimagining rather than a sequel to the existing trilogy.


  The sci-fi horror franchise has been suspended in hypersleep since the 2013 launch of Dead Space 3, and the subsequent closure of Visceral Games in 2017 seemed at the time to void its future prospects. Or not?

  EA Play is scheduled for 22 July, so I guess we’ll find out then. Or not.