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  Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy dropped back on May 4th, which has given players a couple of months to adjust to the changes and updates. With that being said, Let’s take a look at how the Legacy patch has shifted the Legend meta for Apex Legends in our Apex Legends tier list for Legends.

  Along with Arenas, the Bocek Bow, Infested Olympus, and the return of World’s Edge, Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy also brought a wide array of changes to the game through the patch notes.

  The Legacy patch didn’t just implement quality-of-life updates, weapon changes, and general bug fixes/improvements. It also saw some changes to many of the Legends, which has altered the meta and tier list since Season 8.

  Apex Legends tier listApex Legends tier list

  We thought it would be great to compile the Legends and show off what we think the tier list looks like in Apex Legends Season 9, showing just how much the patch notes have changed things.

  Remember, this list is based on a Legend’s performance in the battle royale mode, not Ranked Leagues or the new 3v3 Arenas mode. If you’re interested in Arenas, check out our article for the best Legends to use in the new mode.

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  The tier system:

  S-Tier Legends are the bestA-Tier are amazing in their own rightB-Tier Legends are just missing somethingC-Tier are Legends that are in need of a buff

  S-Tier: Valkyrie, Wraith, Gibraltar, BloodhoundA-Tier: Octane, Wattson, Mirage, Loba, PathfinderB-Tier: Horizon, Revenant, Caustic, Bangalore, LifelineC-Tier: Rampart, Crypto, Fuse

  Apex Legends tier list ValkyrieApex Legends tier list Valkyrie

  Valkyrie has great offensive capabilities with her tactical and passive, flying around and stun people while they are either trying to run away or hide.

  These abilities are also great for when you’re on the defensive as well, being able to duck out of an unwanted fight easily with the VTOL Jets and prevent people pushing you with the Missile Swarm.

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  Further, her ultimate Skyward Dive is arguably the best rotation tool in the game now, taking over Octane’s Launch Pad. This ultimate is great for finding out where enemy teams are as well, as Valkyrie’s passive includes the ability to scan and highlight enemies in her FOV while skydiving.

   wraith wraith

  Wraith is once again Apex Legends’ strongest offensive Legend. Wraith has always been a meta character due to her extremely useful tactical and ultimate.

  Changes to her hitbox and Low Profile have held her back in recent seasons. However, as the devs finally decided to remove Low Profile from the game, Wraith is back at the top.

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  Wraith’s ability to duck in and out of a fight with her tactical, Into the Void, is extremely useful in the battle royale, increasing her survivability as a teammate. Further, Dimensional Rift is one of the best rotation tools in the late game, allowing her and the team to get to better positions safely.


  Loba has had a pretty rough time since her introduction in Season 5, with her tactical, Burgler’s Best Friend, not being as strong as needed. The support Legend has been through many changes in the past, mostly for the better, and in this season, Loba’s in the best state she’s ever been in.

  Her tactical is much better across all maps, working how it is supposed to now without canceling randomly. The time it takes to enter the tactical, and come out of the tactical when she lands has greatly been reduced, making her much more mobile than she previously was.

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  Lastly, the ability to provide the team with endless loot, most importantly consumables, ammo, and anything else players need, is beneficial and means you will be getting exactly what you need every game, improving your chance of victory.

  apex legends gibraltarapex legends gibraltar

  Gibraltar is a Legend who has remained at the top of tier lists since the game was released, being the staple of pretty much every team in the ALGS tournament. Gibraltar is by far the strongest defensive character in the game, with all of his abilities defensively aiding the team and having the ability to be used offensively.

  His Dome of Protection is probably his most important piece of kit, allowing the team to push up or protect themselves from a push with the protection it provides. Further, what makes it even more useful is the faster revive Gibraltar can perform to teammates while inside the dome.

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  Gibraltar’s ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, is also great for stopping an enemy’s push and being aggressive, dealing huge damage to those caught within it. His passive is also great for taking on enemies, especially in 1v1 situations, as his Gun Shield gives him extra health.

  That’s all for our Legend tier list for Season 9: Legacy of Apex Legends, for more check out our article on Best Apex Legends Season 9 Landing Spots.

  Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment