[Constructor HD]Constructor HD on Switch makes for a portable Tycoon experience
2021-07-09 04:56:10

  Constructor HD

  Have you ever played?SimCity?and thought that maybe it wasn’t shady enough for your tastes? If that’s the case, you’ve never heard of?Constructor. Originally released in 1997 for desktop computers,?Constructor is a Tycoon game where you’re the owner of a construction company trying to build a neighborhood for tenants who are also your workers. Only this isn’t your typical tycoon/construction sim because you also have to make it harder for rival companies to build up their neighborhoods.

  Constructor has been remade for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. I witnessed the game in action at E3 while one of the developers at System 3 was playing in handheld mode on a devkit. Even though he was moving flawlessly within the game while explaining how it worked, it’s very clear that it will take some practice getting used to the many complex controls and gameplay elements with?Constructor. Thankfully an interactive tutorial will be there from the very start.


  The main goal of the game is to build a town revolving around your construction company. Build homes with wood and/or concrete to gain tenants that will work for you; they may also have children that will grow up to be able-bodied workers. Keep them happy though, otherwise you won’t be. While you work on building your town to be the very best, you must also have your undesirable henchmen visit rivaling towns to cause terror wherever they go. This also means that the same will happen to your town, so stock up on police officers and watchtowers because the life of a constructor ain’t easy.

  Constructor HD will launch on the Nintendo Switch later in the year. It’ll be a welcome addition to the console’s library seeing as life sims aren’t on there just yet.

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